SickRage on Synology NAS

SickRage on Synology NAS

Some of you guys may have read my previous post on How to automatically download torrents with your Synology NAS and DownloadStation. In that post I show you how to set up DownloadStation on your NAS to poll for new released episodes and automatically download them. Now that’s all cool and stuff, but many people use their NAS in conjunction with a home theater system like XBMC, and XBMC expects the files it indexes to have a certain naming pattern. So it would be kind of cool to also have the NAS rename those episodes after downloading them…

That’s why in this post I want to show you how you can setup your NAS to automatically download new serie episodes AND rename them so that your home theater system can index them easily.

To achieve the desired result we will have to install SickRage on our Synology NAS.

SickRage is a Video File Manager for TV Shows, It watches for new episodes of your favorite shows and when they are posted it does its magic.

After finishing all the steps mentioned in this post you’ll have the following setup:

  1. SickRage will detect new episodes, download their torrent files and pass them to DownloadStation.
  2. DownloadStation will download the episodes into a folder.
  3. SickRage will scan that folder, move the episodes to the correct series folder and also rename it.

Getting Started

First we will have to add a custom package repository to the Package Center, so we can download SickRage and its prerequisites because those packages are not official and made by the community.

  1. Login to your NAS and open the Package Center
  2. Click on Settings at the top
  3. Under General make sure that the Trust Level is set to Any publisher
  4. Then go to Package Sources and click Add
  5. Type in the following and hit OK
    1. Name: SynoCommunity
    2. Location:

Now in the Package Center on the left hand side scroll down and you will find a new entry called Community. Clicking this entry shows us all the available packages hosted on For SickRage to be installed we will have to install Git and Python first, also from the Community repository, so:

  1. Click Install on the Git package
  2. Click Install on the Python package

We now meet the requirements to install SickRage, so let’s go on:

  1. Click Install on SickBeard Custom package
  2. Enter the following info and hit OK
    2. master

After the installation you will be able to open SickBeard Custom or access it via http://<nas-ip>:8083.

Open SickBeard Custom

We have successfully installed SickRage on our NAS, so now let’s configure everything.

Configuring SickRage

Adding shows

Now we will have to add all our shows. If you have not downloaded any shows yet click on Add new show below and follow the steps. If you already have download shows on your NAS click on Add existing show.

Add new show
Add existing show

Configuring Search Settings and Providers

Search Providers search our added shows on torrent sites. If it finds an episode of our show it downloads the torrent from that site and passes it to the DownloadStation on the NAS. Before we enable any Search Providers lets configure the search settings.

  1. Hover over the settings icon and click on Search Settings.
    Search Settings
  2. Click on NZB Search and make sure it’s deactivated.
    NZB Search
  3. Click on Torrent Search and enable it with the following settings.
    Torrent Search

    1. With these settings you enable SickRage to directly pass the downloaded torrent file to your Synology NAS.
    2. Leave the Synology Directory empty, we will configure the download folder directly through DownloadStation.

Now lets enable e few Search Providers.

  1. Hover over the settings icon and click on Search Providers.
    Search Providers
  2. Enable the following providers and click Save Changes.
    1. ThePirateBay
    2. KickAssTorrents

Configure DownloadStation

Before we dive into the post-processing configuration let’s set the download directory for DownloadStation. DownloadStation will download all new episodes into this folder, which will be watched by SickRage if you have post-processing enabled. To configure the download directory follow these steps:

  1. Open DownloadStation
  2. Click on the Settings button
    DownloadStation Settings Button
  3. Under Location select your desired download directory
    DownloadStation Location Settings

Remember that if you have post-processing enabled this directory is only used temporarily to store freshly downloaded episodes. Once SickRage finds them they will get post-processed and moved to their corresponding series folder.

Configuring Post-processing

One of the great things about SickRage is its capability to post-process downloaded files. That’s why we’re now going to configure SickRage to watch our DownloadStation download directory for new files and if found, rename and move them to the correct series folder. The renaming is not necessarily needed, but recommended if you have an XBMC/Kodi client which regularly scans your NAS for new episodes. Here is how I configured my post-processing:

  1.  Hover over the Settings icon and go to Post Processing
  2. In the Post-Processing tab change the settings as follows and point your TV Download Dir to the same download directory used by DownloadStation.
    SickRage Post Processing
  3. In the Episode Naming tab you can configure how SickRage should rename the files. The pattern I chose works very well with XBMC and looks like this after renaming: Show Name.S02E03.Ep Name.ext or for example The Walking Dead.S01E01.Days Gone Bye.avi
    SickRage Episode Naming
  4. Click Save Changes after applying all the settings above.

We now have a fully automated routine which downloads newly released episodes, renames and moves them so that our htpc can index them.

If you want to be notified whenever a new episode has been downloaded check out this post or use one of SickRages built in notification options under Settings > Notifications.