Shared FreeMarker variables in Magnolia CMS

Shared FreeMarker variables in Magnolia CMS

To introduce a new global variable like stkfn or cmsfn into your FreeMarker templates you can add a new entry to the Magnolia shared variables configuration.

  1. In AdminCentral go to Cofiguration | server | rendering | freemarker | sharedVariables
  2. Create a new content node for example myfn (your functions will be called through this name)
  3. Create a new property class below the myfn node and set the value of the property to your class name including the packages. For example ch.crisi.MyTemplatingFunctions.class.


From now on you’re able to call all the methods of your MyTemplatingFunctions class from  freemarker.

public class MyTemplatingFunctions {

    public String helloWorld() {
        return "Hello World!";