Change gitflow settings in SourceTree

After setting up gitflow in SourceTree I realized that it calls its development branches develop by default. Since our development branch is called development I was wondering where I could reconfigure gitflow. There is no option for this in SourceTree itself. If you want to remap branch names in gitflow you have to do it via Git’s configuration file.

The config file is located in the .git folder of your repository:

  • /.git/config

Information about submodules and branches is saved to this file. And gitflow also creates a few entries here:

[gitflow "branch"]
        master = master
        develop = develop
[gitflow "prefix"]
        feature = feature/
        release = release/
        hotfix = hotfix/
        support = support/
        versiontag =

You can see that gitflow mapped its develop branch usage to a branch named the same.

  • develop = develop

I can now change this entry to the following and git flow will start using the branch called development for its workflows.

  • develop = development

Save the file and go back to SourceTree. You’re done.