Automatically download torrents with your Synology NAS and DownloadStation

Automatically download torrents with your Synology NAS and DownloadStation

DownloadStation which is already installed on your Synology NAS is a handy tool to automatically download torrents or nzbs. I recently configured my download station to automatically download all the new episodes of the series I’m watching. To do this we have to:

  • create a custom RSS feed with the shows we’re interested in
  • configure DownloadStation to download the items of our custom RSS feed

Create custom RSS feed

The DownloadStation is able to monitor an RSS feed and download all new entries or only specific ones based on a pattern. So, to get this working we need an RSS feed which informs us of new episodes being released. To create this RSS feed I recommend you signing up on

On ShowRSS you can create a custom RSS feed with all the shows you’re interested in. As soon as a new episode is available, the RSS feed wil notify you.

After signing up on, go to your shows, select a show in the dropdown and click Add to my list. Do this for all shows you’d like to automatically download.


After adding a few shows it should look something like this:


You see the screwdriver icon on the left of the show name? Click on it to open the per-show settings. Here you can select the quality of the downloaded episode and also if you wish to download a repack if one gets released. A repack is a new release which fixes issues like bad quality or wrong subtitles. Set your settings and save them. Do this for every show you added to your list.


Now go to feeds. Here we will generate the feed URL which will later insert into DownloadStation.

Under Your personal feed make sure that Quality: per-show settings and PROPER/REPACK: use per-show settings is selected. This will generate the feed according to the per-show settings you just set earlier.


Now click on Generate to get your custom feed URL. Copy the link on the right of Your custom RSS feed. We’ll insert this URL into DownloadStation.

Set up DownloadStation

Go to DSM by accessing the NAS with your prefered browser: http://<your-nas-ip>:5000 and open up DownloadStation.

If you never used DownloadStation before you may need to start it through the Package Center. Go to Start > Package Center > Search the Download Station package > Action > Run.

Open the DownloadStation settings and set the interval in which you’d like to check the RSS feed for new entries.



In DownloadStation select RSS Feeds and click the plus icon to add a new RSS feed. In the popup paste our custom feed URL. If you want to download all the series into the same folder you can activate Automatically download all items and select a folder. If you’d rather have different download folders for each series make sure Automatically download all items is not checked and click OK.


If you checked Automatically download all items you’re done now. DownloadStation will from now on automatically download all the items into your selected download folder.

If you did not select Automatically download all items you can configure different download folders as follows.

Add a new Download Filter for every series of the RSS feed. On every filter you can set a name, a pattern and a download folder. If the entered pattern matches an entry in the RSS feed, this item is automatically downloaded to the configured download folder. A configuration could look like this:



From now on DownloadStation will automatically download all the RSS feed items to their appropiate folders set in the Download Filter.

Unfortunately there is no option to download series in 1080p yet. According to this post this may be made available in the future.


If you have any questions about the setup feel free to ask them in the comments below!